Approaching Lawrence Hall at St. Cloud State University

Lawrence Hall at St. Cloud State University
Lawrence Hall at St. Cloud State University

I know I know, it’s not even fall yet and I’m posting a photo from the dead of winter. However, I saw a photo of Lawrence Hall on the St. Cloud State University Facebook page in the summertime and I wanted to share this photo I took in February of 2009. The photo at the Facebook page is a completely different angle and the trees are green instead of leafless and covered in snow. However, seeing the photo stirred all kinds of emotions and memories related to a building I walked by everyday, but never set foot inside.

For two years, I walked from the Acacia House, crossed campus and approached this beautiful building. One of my favorite moments each day was walking under the trees and looking up as the tree limbs revealed the white bell tower perched atop the oldest building on campus. Many may complain about the lack of architectural continuity on campus (myself included), but St. Cloud State definitely has a few buildings I appreciate for different reasons and I couldn’t be more lucky than to passby Lawrence Hall on my way to KVSC.


2 thoughts on “Approaching Lawrence Hall at St. Cloud State University

  1. Hi Eric, My name is Gary Bailey. I am a Graphic Designer in the University Communications department at St. Cloud State University. The President may be interested in using the above photo of Lawrence Hall in his Holiday card this year. Is there a possibility that you could send the high resolution file version to me?

    Gary B


    1. Hi Gary,

      Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to get a higher resolution image than the one on my blog. The original is on an external hard drive that I can no longer access. There’s lots of media on that drive that I need to recover so I’ll definitely need to take it in somewhere to see if they can access the drive, but I’m not sure when I can do that or how long it would take. I know December is fast approaching; how soon would you need the image?


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