About Eric D Wheeler

Hi, my name is Eric D Wheeler. I am currently a digital communications specialist at Metro Transit in the Twin Cities. I’m moving to Massachusetts soon and am looking to continue my career in PR and social media. I was previously an assistant account executive/social media specialist at Kohnstamm Communications in Saint Paul, Minn. where I executed a variety of PR functions including drafting news releases, research/planning, reporting/measurement, social media management, media relations and a whole lot more. Previous to starting at Kohnstamm, I was the Director of PR & Social Media at KVSC 88.1FM on the campus of St. Cloud State University where I served in a variety of areas including public relations, social media, graphic design, online services, promotions and marketing. Also at St. Cloud State, I was a member of PRSSA and a college senator of the College of Fine Arts and Humanities.

I was a communications intern for Yum! Brands, Inc.–the world’s largest restaurant company, worked as a sales manager and TV station manager for a few weeks in Woodward, Okla., graduated with a bachelor degree in mass communications  from Northwestern Oklahoma State University, spent a year and a half as a leadership and educational consultant for Acacia Fraternity in Indianapolis and I am a recent graduate from St. Cloud State University where I earned my Master of Science degree in Mass Communications with emphasis in PR & Advertising.

This blog is intended to open discussion on trends in social media and public relations. However, I also have interests in advertising, photography, marketing, and traveling, among other things. So I may sneak in a few articles not necessarily related to PR and social media. I am also looking to get my career started in the field of PR, marketing or related field. If you are an employer looking for a hard working, overachiever who is passionate about media and how people communicate, please send me a message. Please view my resume below, I appreciate any feedback.

Image of Eric D Wheeler's resume.

Click image to view/download PDF.

If you have a topic idea for my blog or questions I can answer, please contact me at ericdylanwheeler@gmail.com. If you like my resume and know of an opportunity I may be interested in, please let me know or send my email address to the proper individuals. I also do social media consulting on the side and am happy to work with businesses of all sizes. So feel free to contact me for help in that arena as well. Thank you.

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